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Swisscom is much more than the leading provider of communication, IT and entertainment in Switzerland. We are also doing ground-breaking work in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Cloud. As part of Swisscom, this means that, in your work, you are helping to develop the technologies and solutions of tomorrow.

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An insight into our work

We are doing pioneering work in the field of Engineering & Technology – with the latest technologies and methods. Security and stability are key.


We are making IT more secure, with a comprehensive infrastructure, a sustainable security culture and the latest technologies. To fend off attacks, we employ artificial intelligence, which detects hazards and initiates countermeasures automatically. This approach is clearly in evidence at Swisscom’s 24/7 Security Operations Center. The goal: to offer the best protection for our customers, partners and Swisscom.

On track with DevOps

System Thinking, Feedback Loops and Continual Experimentation & Learning: Since 2015, many areas within Swisscom have been working in accordance with DevOps principles. In this agile and technological diverse environment, our 900 IT experts are devoted to developing new products and secure solutions and delivering the best quality of service. The goal: to be the #1 DevOps team in Europe by the end of 2025.

Our Tech Stack

Our IT experts are taking Swisscom to the next level with a varied Tech Stack. Our application and tool portfolio is currently undergoing a comprehensive cloud-native transformation using state-of-the-art technologies and engineering practices as appropriate for the specific situation and context. Each team is individually responsible for selecting the technologies and practices to be adopted. The goal: performance, stability and high availability.

For a networked Switzerland

Every day, we are striving to provide 100% network coverage throughout Switzerland and 5G technology that transcends all boundaries. This involves testing new applications from the very early stages with a view to optimising their time to market. The goal: a network that remains Switzerland’s best network in the future.

Better with AI

With over 250 AI experts, we have one of the largest teams in Switzerland working on and researching new artificial intelligence applications. We are particularly interested in the automatic evaluation of data and the insights it provides. One area of focus is the smart monitoring of (end-to-end) customer solutions. The goal: to continuously improve our products and services and make them even more secure.

Our Cloud journey

Our work goes far beyond our Public Cloud offering: we also develop and operate our own Private Cloud products. A total of four complete Cloud platforms are being developed by our Cloud teams and managed for our customers. Our teams also provide the infrastructure. What’s more, as part of our Cloud journey, we have also become a member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Well on our way with SRE

The Site Reliability Engineering approach to software development was initially introduced by Google and has since become standard practice. At Swisscom, we are starting our SRE journey by establishing this approach internally. Implementing SRE is, in part, the responsibility of our Reliability Champions. It has also involved the establishment of an SRE Community of Practice. The goal: high system availability and stability.

Interconnectivity with IoT

We have greatly expanded our IoT portfolio based on state-of-the-art networking technologies such as NB-IoT, 4 and 5G as well as LoRaWan, which we also offer internationally. The IoT tech team is also developing state-of-the-art solutions of all sizes and complexity and working with Cloud providers such as Azure or AWS whilst also providing Data Science and Machine Learning services. The goal: today’s solutions for tomorrow's business.

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