Alain Carrupt

Member, employee representative

Member of the Board of Directors since 2016
Born 1955
Swiss citizen
Swiss school-leaving certificate in economics

Portrait Alain Carrupt

Alain Carrupt has been a member of the Swisscom Board of Directors since 2016. After completing a commercial management qualification, he continued to study alongside his work; a particular focus was the Organisation of Non-Profit Organisations at the Swiss Graduate School of Public Administration (IDHEAP), University of Lausanne, and at the Institut für Verbands-, Stiftungs- und Genossenschaftsmanagement (VMI), University of Fribourg. He began his professional career in 1978 in the telecommunications department of the PTT. For 16 years, he held various roles, most recently as Head of Administration at the telecoms directorate in Sion. From 1994 to 2016, he worked in managerial positions for staff associations, most recently as chairman of the syndicom trade union, which resulted from a merger between the communications and comedia unions.


1978–1994 Various roles at PTT companies in the telecom sector

1994–2000 Central Secretary of the Telecommunications sector of the former PTT Union

2000–2002 Deputy General Secretary and Head of Personnel of the former communications union

2003–2008 Vice Chairman of the former communications union

2008–2010 Chairman of the former communications union

2011–2013 Joint Chairman of the syndicom trade union
  2013–February 2016 Chairman of the syndicom trade union

Participation in meetings of the Board of Directors in 2019

Meetings: 13 of 13
Telephone conferences: 1 of 1
Circular resolutions: 2 of 2

Participation in meetings of committees in 2019

Finance Committee: 2 of 3


439 (as at 31.12.2019)

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