Has your mobile been stolen or lost

Has your mobile been stolen or lost

Has your mobile been stolen or lost?

Immediate action

Block SIM

Block your SIM in the Customer Center. Then it is no longer possible to use your mobile to make calls via the mobile network and incur costs.

You can unblock the SIM again at any time in the Customer Center.


Are you a Prepaid customer?

You can only block your SIM in the Customer Center if you have already registered your device in the Customer Center before the loss.

Report theft

Report the theft to the police. To do so, you need your device’s IMEI number. You can find it in the Customer Center under "Technical Support" > "Display mobile/help" >"All other faults or damage".


Ordering a new mobile phone and SIM

You need a replacement SIM to use your Swisscom subscription on your new mobile phone.


Are you a NATEL® infinity 2.0 XL or NATEL® business infinity 2.0 XL customer?

We send you a new mobile phone and SIM in case of loss, theft or damage abroad for free. Within Europe delivery takes 2-4 days, outside Europe up to 10 days*.

Order replacement device


*Shipping is handled by a third party. Delivery dates cannot be guaranteed. If the replacement device arrives after you have moved to a different location, we will contact you to arrange shipment to your subsequent destination. Otherwise, the device will be sent back to Swisscom and delivered to you in Switzerland.

Notify your insurer

Notify your insurer(s) of the damage incurred.

You can check in the Customer Center under “Current use and costs” whether the thief has incurred costs, for instance by making calls abroad. Please note that call charges are displayed with a time delay. 


Is your mobile insured with AXA?

With an AXA insurance, for instance, costs of up to CHF 2,000.- incurred by call misuse are covered.