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Creating a customised channel list, using the TV guide, using Replay and managing your recordings: discover all the features of Swisscom blue TV.

Create a customised channel list

There are more than 300 channels on Swisscom blue TV. You can either use the default channel sequence or create a customised channel list if you only wish to view specific channels or use a specific channel sequence.

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On My Swisscom

Log into My Swisscom (Customer Center)  to create a customised channel list.

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On a television with a TV-Box

  1. Press the “home” button on your Swisscom TV remote control.
  2. Go to the cogwheel in the top left to access the settings.
  3. Go to “TV settings” and select “TV channel lists”.
  4. Select the channel list sequence that you wish to change and select “Edit” to change the sequence.
  5. Move the channels into the order you want via the arrow buttons and press save to confirm your chosen sequence. Click “Position” to directly assign channel numbers to channels, such as channel position 1 for SRF1.
  6. This is automatically activated once you save the new list of channels. However, you can change the channel list again at any time in the TV Guide, using the “option” button.

Using the TV Guide

The TV Guide is Swisscom TV’s electronic TV listings guide. It is easy to use:


Use the Replay function to view previously aired programmes and films. Replay is included with Swisscom blue TV M, L and X as well as paid blue TV Air. Swisscom blue TV S customers can also enjoy the Replay function with an add-on option costing CHF 5.–/mth. To use Replay, you need to activate the function once on the TV for all subscriptions.

The Replay function is not available to blue TV public users.

How to use Replay

  1. Go to the TV Guide.
  2. Channels that allow previously broadcast programmes to be replayed are highlighted.
  3. Select the programme you wish to watch and click “View”.


Swisscom blue TV allows you to record programmes. If you have the Swisscom TV-Box, use the Swisscom blue TV remote control. Use the red Record button to record programmes (1× short press), to programme series recordings (2× short press) or to access your list of recordings (long press).

Your recordings will be saved for a period of 2 years. They will then be moved to the recycling bin for a period of 30 days, during which time you have the option of restoring them. We recommend that you permanently archive recordings that are important to you.

Where are my recordings?

If you are no longer able to locate your recordings, this may be due to one of the following reasons.

  • Your recording is older than 2 years and has been moved to the recycling bin by Swisscom, where it will be permanently deleted after 30 days.
  • You are not logged onto or the blue TV app with the login you originally used to record the programme. In this case, you should log out and then log back in with the correct Login. Tip: as a rule, you only need one Login for all Swisscom services. Please contact us if you would like to merge your Swisscom logins.

More functions

The Swisscom TV-Box boasts a whole host of other features, including:

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