Voice control: control blue TV with your voice

Voice control

Hold down the microphone button on the remote control and give a voice command to say what you want to do.

Fernbedienung Sprachsteuerungs Knopf

To activate the voice assistant on your Swisscom Box, say “Hey Swisscom” and then give a voice command to say what you want to do.

When using voice control on the Swisscom Box for the first time, be sure to switch on the microphone on the side of the box.

TV-Box Anschluss

Open the blue TV app and navigate to the search menu. Hold down the microphone button on the remote control and give a voice command to say what you want to do.

If you are not in the search menu of the blue TV app when you hold down the microphone button and speak your search command, either Siri will be activated and search Apple for the corresponding content or the content of Apple+ will be searched without Siri. However, in either case, you will not see blue TV content.

Voice commands

You use voice commands to control the Swisscom TV-Box with your voice. For better speech recognition, speak clearly in short sentences.

Use the Voice Control without the remote control
(Swisscom Box only)
«Hey Swisscom» + voice command
Operating blue TV «Switch on the TV.»
To fast-forward and rewind «Skip forward 10 minutes.»
To regulate the volume «Volume down.»
To open apps «Start Netflix.»
To play a programme from the beginning «Watch from beginning.»
To record a programme «Record the current programme.» 
To change the channel «Gehe zu SRF zwei.»
To play the next episode «Next episode.» 
Fast-forward the adverts «Skip adverts.»
Look for a film or programme «Search for Simpsons.» 
To search by genre «I’d like to watch a crime drama.»
To search by actor «Show me films starring Nicole Kidman.» 
TV tips of the day

«What’s on TV today?» «Hey Swisscom, TV tips!»

To listen to the radio «I’d like to listen to radio SRF 3.»
Weather «What’s the weather like in Grindelwald?»


You can adjust the voice control language under Menu Language (Settings  Display  Languages  Menu Language).

If you want to control Swisscom Box by saying “Hey Swisscom”, make sure the box is close and in view. If your box is in a cupboard, voice control will only be possible using the microphone button on the remote control.

If the Swisscom Box responds to voices from your television, increase the distance between the box and the TV’s soundbar or speaker. You can also change the Surround setting to Stereo in Settings  Video and Audio  Audio and Sound. Another option is to switch off the in-built microphone on the Swisscom Box and use voice control on your remote control (microphone button).

The box only starts listening when you press the microphone button or say the voice control activation phrase, “Hey Swisscom”. You can find a text file containing the recorded voice commands in My Swisscom(opens in new tab). These will be retained for a maximum of 5 years. You can request the deletion of this data at any time.

We use some voice commands for training and for improving speech recognition. Most of this happens automatically with some manual intervention. Subsequent manual processing is only completed by Swisscom employees. All data will be anonymised, preventing any identification of individual persons.

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