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Simply Digital, blue Benefit and new Swisscom subscriptions: everything you need to know about the new products and what is changing with blue.

From inOne to blue

With the launch of blue, a number of existing inOne subscriptions automatically changed to blue subscriptions. If your subscription was among these, you will have already been sent an e-mail prior to the changeover.

Key info in brief

  • You will not pay a higher rate than before for your subscriptions.
  • Any loyalty discounts and active promotions will continue to apply.
  • The services provided under the subscription will remain the same or become even better.
  • The name of the inOne family benefit is changing to blue Benefit.
  • In the future, if you submit your enquiries first on the My Swisscom app or on and pay your bill online, you will enjoy monthly savings (Simply Digital). 

General questions about blue

No, there is no price increase with the new blue subscriptions. This means that existing customers will not pay any more for the existing service after the move. In fact, they may, depending on subscription, enjoy even better services for the same price.  

Say, for example, you currently have the inOne mobile go mobile subscription. On 22 May, this will be switched over to the new subscription blue Mobile M. Following the move, you will enjoy surfing speeds of up to 1 Gbit/s instead of 200 Mbit/s and pay CHF 79.90 instead of CHF 80.–. 

If your existing subscription is going to be migrated to a blue subscription, we will notify you by e-mail. In the subscription comparison, you will see which subscriptions will change with blue and which will remain unchanged. You will find an overview of the new blue subscriptions in this PDF(opens in new tab).

The Internet and TV subscriptions for business customers (inOne SME office) will remain unchanged, but will, in the future, have Internet speeds of up to 1 Gbit/s and a longer recording time. 

No, the minimum contract period of your existing subscription will continue without any changes. This means that the minimum contract period for existing customers will not change with the move to blue.  

Promotions on your current subscription will continue to apply without any changes following the move to the new blue subscriptions.  

Yes, you can switch to a more or less expensive blue subscription at any time.   

Exception: in the 6 months after purchasing a discounted device, you can only switch to a subscription with the same or higher basic charge without incurring costs. If you switch to a cheaper subscription, you will be charged CHF 200.– for the device. 

With the Top Deutsch+/Français+/Italiano+ option for your blue TV S/M/L, you can subscribe to the following premium channels for CHF 9/month:

Channel list Top Deutsch+/Français+/Italiano+(opens in new tab)

Existing customers with blue TV L: premium channels that have been used regularly continue to be included in the subscription.

This overview shows which channels are included with the new blue TV packages.
Go to channel overview 

If you use blue TV on several devices, you will now need a separate Multi Room Option for CHF 5.- per month for each additional device (Swisscom TV box, Apple TV 4K or Smart TV).

You can activate this option directly on the TV screen after connecting the additional device.

Questions about Simply Digital

With Simply Digital, you will, in the future, report enquiries first via the My Swisscom app or on and pay your Swisscom bill online (e.g. via eBill). In return, you will receive a CHF 10.– discount on each of your Internet and mobile subscriptions. In other words, if you have any questions, you would no longer turn to the Swisscom Shop or hotline as your first port of call and instead use the My Swisscom app or and chat with the digital assistant Sam. If Sam is unable to assist, you can access Swisscom Support via the chat function, the hotline or the Shop.

You can activate this benefit yourself in My Swisscom from 23 May.

This discount can, in principle, be activated by all customers with a blue Mobile S/M/L or blue Internet S/M/L. However, Simply Digital is not available with certain promotions. From 23 May, you can check in My Swisscom whether you can take advantage of this with your subscription.

Yes, the blue Benefit can be combined with the Simply Digital saving.  

Exception: the old inOne benefit of CHF 40.– (3rd to 5th mobile subscriptions) can only be combined with the old inOne subscriptions. You will therefore only retain the old inOne benefit of CHF 40.– if you switch to a continuing inOne subscription such as the inOne mobile premium. If you switch to a new blue subscription or extend your contract, the saving will automatically switch to CHF 30.– for each mobile subscription.  

You can adjust the order of the mobile subscriptions in your inOne Family (from 23 May: blue Community) in My Swisscom.  

If you are identified as a customer with Simply Digital, you will be asked to submit your enquiry online. You will then receive an SMS link to Swisscom Support in the My Swisscom app or on the website. 

You can deactivate or activate the Simply Digital benefit at the end of a calendar month in My Swisscom. 

Questions about other benefits

The name of the inOne family benefit is changing to ‘blue Benefit’. The only thing that is changing is the name. The loyalty benefit remains the same. If you combine Internet with mobile, you will benefit from the following discount:

  • CHF 20.– discount on the 1st mobile subscription
  • CHF 30.– on the 2nd to 5th mobile subscription  

You can activate and manage the blue Benefit in My Swisscom. Existing customers who were already using the inOne Family benefit will continue to benefit from this. 

You can take advantage of the blue Benefit if you have a Swisscom Internet subscription and one or more of the following mobile subscriptions in the same household:

  • blue Mobile S/M/L
  • inOne mobile premium
  • inOne mobile go young
  • inOne XTRA mobile go 

The new blue subscriptions no longer include any special discounts or offers for under 30s. With the Simply Digital benefit and blue Benefit, Swisscom customers can now benefit from a lifelong discount on their subscriptions – whatever their age. 

Yes, companies can continue to enjoy the 15% SME benefit discount on their inOne SME mobile subscriptions. > More about inOne SME


Still have questions about blue?

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