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With Swisscom Pay and Premium SMS messages, you can pay for purchases via your Swisscom bill. How to use, lock and unlock the service.

Paying via your bill/credit

As a Swisscom customer, you can easily pay via your Swisscom bill or prepaid credit in many online shops.

Swisscom Pay

With Swisscom Pay (formerly Easy Pay und NATEL® Pay), you pay with your next Swisscom bill or prepaid balance. The largest online stores, including Netflix, Spotify, Apple and Google Play, all accept Swisscom Pay as a payment method for your films, music, apps, games, etc.

Premium SMS messages

Value-added services are chargeable information and entertainment services, such as weather info, competitions, ringtones or games. These can be ordered by SMS/MMS or online. The amounts are charged to your Swisscom mobile bill or deducted from your prepaid credit.

If you have used Swisscom Pay and/or billing via SMS/MMS, the purchases will be listed on your bill(opens in new tab) under the heading ‘Purchases’ and ‘Other services’.

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The Money Laundering Act (MLA) prohibits the use of value-added services and Swisscom Pay for business mobile connections.

For persons under 16 years of age, access to value-added services (mobile payment and adult entertainment via SMS/MMS and Swisscom Pay) is automatically blocked due to statutory protection of minors requirements. The block is lifted when the person reaches their 16th birthday. Before that, the legal guardian can have mobile payment unblocked by Swisscom via 0800 800 800


Activate/deactivate services

Value-added services, including payment via your Swisscom bill or prepaid credit, are activated as standard. If you do not wish to use the service, you can block it in My Swisscom (Customer Center). You can activate value-added services here too. 

If you have started a regular purchase through Swisscom Pay or SMS/MMS and wish to cancel this subscription, you can do so directly via the provider. 

On your bill, you will find contact details for the provider.

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Alternatively, you can also find the provider via Swisscom’s short number search(opens in new tab).

Service suspended? Paying bills

If you fail to pay for purchases from third parties such as Apple, Spotify or Google Play, your account will be suspended. This means that you will no longer be able to make purchases via the Swisscom bill. Only after you have paid the bill in full will your Swisscom account and the option of paying by bill/credit be reinstated. 

If you dispute any of the purchases on your bill and therefore do not want to pay for these, please contact the third party directly. On your bill, you will find contact details for the provider.

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No value-added services if you pay by instalments

If you currently pay by instalments, you cannot use value-added services. This means that purchases via your Swisscom bill (e.g., Spotify or Netflix subscriptions via Swisscom Pay, adult entertainment via SMS/MMS, etc.) are blocked if you are paying in instalments. For existing subscriptions, change the payment plan with the provider in question.

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