Transfer or take over a contract

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Transfer your Swisscom Internet or mobile subscription or take over a contract in the event of the subscription holder’s death.

Take over a contract

Would you like to take over an existing Internet or mobile contract from another person? Please contact the current contract holder as they are the only one who can request the transfer.

Exception: if the holder of the contract you would like to take over is deceased, please visit a Swisscom Shop for further assistance. 

Transfer a residential line

To a private individual

Follow these steps if you wish to transfer your residential Swisscom contract to another person:

Log into My Swisscom and provide us with the details of the new contract holder.

  • Select the mobile number you want to transfer
  • Go to Adjust product
  • Select Transfer telephone number

Exception: minors are required to visit a Swisscom Shop in the company of their legal guardian with a valid ID CH passport, CH ID, permanent residence permit, temporary residence permit and the SIM in question. 

Please use the form to notify us of the change of ownership.

To a company

The individual responsible for requesting the contract transfer depends on the company size. 

The authorised signatory for the company, as specified in the commercial register, can take over the private telephone number in a Swisscom Shop. Please contact our SME hotline. 

Please contact the company that is taking over the contract and have them transfer the corresponding telephone number. 

Transfer a business line

If you wish to transfer your business customer contract (mobile, fixed network, Smart Business Connect) to another person, please use the form to notify us of the change of ownership.

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