Gigaset Repeater HX

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The Gigaset Repeater HX extends the range of your HD phones. Find out how to install, connect and position the device.


The Gigaset Repeater HX is compatible with specific HD phones in combination with an Internet-Box 2, Internet-Box 3, Internet-Box standard, Internet-Box plus and Centro Business 2.0 after FW Version 9.04.02 with a fixed network connection (IP). The Internet-Box light cannot be used. You can use up to 2 repeaters.

Swisscom Gigaset Repeater HX: Keys and functions 

Set up and use

Connect to the router

Before starting the connection to the router, place the Gigaset Repeater HX in the direct vicinity of the router and a mains supply. If you are already using a Gigaset Repeater HX, this must be situated close to the router and switched on for the connection to be established.


Proceed as follows:


  1. Connect the network device to a power socket.
  2. Connect the cable to the repeater – the repeater will remain in connection mode for approximately 5 minutes (left LED flashes).
  3. During this time, hold down the + button on the Internet-Box for 1 second.
  4. Once the repeater LED shows a steady green light, it is connected to the router.

Position the Gigaset repeater

Once you have completed the connection process, you can position the Gigaset Repeater HX wherever you would like to increase the reception range of your HD phones. After the device has been switched on, make sure that the left LED shows a steady light. If the LED continues to flash even after 30 seconds, the Gigaset repeater is too far from the base or reception is blocked by thick walls or metal objects (radiators etc.). Re-position the Gigaset repeater.

2 Gigaset Repeater / 2 HD-Phone per Repeater

You can use up to two Gigaset Repeater HX devices with your Internet-Box. However, you can only have one repeater path at a time between the router and repeater. The Gigaset Repeater HX can be used with up to 2 HD-Phones.

Please also note that when installing 2 repeaters, there must be a minimum distance of 10 metres between the two Gigaset repeaters. To position the second repeater, disconnect the first repeater from the power supply to find the best position for the second repeater.

Instructions, documents and firmware

Instructions (PDF)

Declaration of conformity (PDF)

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