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SIP Credentials

SIP Credentials

SIP Credentials

SIP Credentials are confidential parameters, they allow the use of 3rd party devices and VoIP clients, which are not managed by Swisscom.

SIP Credentials are unique to each landline number. Once configured on a 3rd party device or VoIP client, they allow calls anywhere in the world according to your subscription. These calls are charged according to your landline subscription and will appear on your invoice.

Your responsibility regarding SIP Credentials

You are responsible to keep your SIP Credentials confidential. According to your subscription, you will be charged for all traffic generated using your SIP Credentials.

Make sure to remove your SIP Credential from devices, you intent to sell, meaning factory reset the devices. You can cancel your SIP Credentials any time.

Set up SIP Credentials Step by Step

In order to use your SIP Credentials with 3rd party device or VoIP client, you need to follow the next steps:

  1. Go online in Swisscom Customer Centre
  2. Go under "My HD phones" click on "Manage SIP Credentials" and follow the instruction
  3. In order to activate your SIP Credentials, you first need to login with two factor authentication, based on a certified mobile number.
    If your mobile has not been previously certified, you will be guided through the process to do it.
  4. The following Parameters have to be set in the 3rd party device or VoIP clients:

We do not provide detailed configuration instructions as there is a very large number of external devices and VoIP clients. Here is the overview of all the necessary information to set up your device:


Your landline number: you receive it per SMS

Authentication name

You receive it per SMS


You receive it per SMS


Outbound Proxy

Please take note that Swisscom do not provide customer support for SIP Credentials. You can also refer to the FAQ

FAQ SIP Credentials

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