Buying a mobile phone and extending/amending contracts

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Discover when you can benefit from a discounted mobile phone and pay in instalments with a contract extension and when you can change your mobile subscription.

Discounts on new mobile phones

You can order a new mobile phone in the Online Shop at the regular price at any time. You can see whether you are eligible for a discounted mobile phone on My Swisscom (Customer Center). If you take up the offer, your contract will be extended automatically.

You can take advantage of further promotions from 6 months after purchasing a discounted mobile phone. The extended contract term (12 or 24 months) is only relevant should you wish to terminate the contract.

How it works

  1. Click the "Check now" button below
  2. If you have more than one mobile phone, choose the mobile subscription you would like to amend.
  3. In the tile you can see whether you are currently eligible to buy a discounted mobile phone.

Paying for a new mobile phone in instalments

If you pay for your new mobile phone in instalments, your contract will be extended. However, after just 6 months, you will be eligible to take advantage of a new promotion or payment in instalments. If you buy a new mobile phone and opt to pay in instalments again, you will be charged the balance for your first mobile phone in one lump sum.

What about loyalty offers?

Although you now choose your mobile subscription and mobile phone separately, your loyalty is still rewarded: if you opt to extend your contract, you can purchase a discounted mobile phone or pay for your device in instalments.

Selling/donating your old mobile

In just a few clicks, you can put the value of your old phone toward the purchase of your new phone or convert your old phone into cash. Would you rather donate it to a good cause? If you donate your mobile to Swisscom Mobile Aid, the proceeds will go to SOS Children’s Villages.

For business customers: discover how much your devices are worth. Obtain a free quotation.

Switching your mobile subscription

On My Swisscom you can change your subscription to a current inOne mobile go, inOne mobile premium or inOne mobile light subscription at any time. Switching to a more expensive subscription is free. A charge will only apply if you switch to a cheaper subscription:

  • CHF 150.– if you switch to a cheaper subscription within 30 days of signing the contract
  • CHF 200.– if you switch to a cheaper subscription within 6 months of buying a discounted mobile phone with an extended contract



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