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Swisscom Marketplace: find information about logging in, accounting and other support, as well as FAQs.

What is Swisscom Marketplace?

Swisscom Marketplace(opens in new tab) has a range of useful Business Apps to support you in your work. These include Business IT Services and Microsoft Office 365, for example.
The Business Apps are specially selected, tested and supported by Swisscom. Support is available from the app developer, partner or Swisscom.
The cloud-based software keeps the apps up to date and maintenance-free at all times.

Login & Marketplace account

To order web-based applications as a Swisscom customer, you will need a Swisscom Login(opens in new tab) and Marketplace account.

Guest login    

Not a Swisscom customer, but would like to use the Business Apps?
Create a login here(opens in new tab). You will need a Swiss mobile phone number.

To log into the Marketplace for the first time, proceed as follows:

  1.  In the top right-hand corner, check whether you are already logged in with a Swisscom Login: If you see “Login”, you are not logged in. If you see your name, you are logged in.
  2. If you are logged in, click on your name and log out.
  3. Go to: in new tab)
  4. Enter the Swisscom login that you would like to link to the Marketplace.
  5. Enter your company name and e-mail address. Please use your e-mail address that is linked to your company.
  6. You have now successfully set up your Marketplace account.

If you are the company administrator and also want to give your employees access to the Business Apps, proceed as follows:

  1. Select the tab “Manage” > “My Company”.
  2. On the left, under “Invite Users”, enter the e-mail address of the relevant employee.
  3. Click “Invite”.
  4. If you want to invite several users or would also like to define the role of the new users, select “Invite Several”.

The employee will then receive an e-mail with a direct link to the Swisscom Login. They can then register for the Marketplace.

Note: To be authorised to log in for your company, the recipient of the invitation must give the same e-mail address when registering for the Marketplace that you used for the invitation.

Ordering and using apps

  1. Log into the Marketplace(opens in new tab).
  2. Search for and select the app you would like to order.
  3. Click the “Order Now”/“Free Trial” or similar button in the top right.
  4. Choose the price option you require..
  5. If you have a Discount Code, you can enter it in the relevant box.
  6. Click “Continue”.
  7. Enter your “Billing Details”
  8. Check the order details and read the “Additional Terms and Conditions of Use”. Select the checkbox and click “Place Order”.
  9. You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your purchase.

You will find your Business Apps at the following link: in new tab)
You can use the Business Apps directly through your Web browser (Chrome, Safari etc.) without lengthy installation. For Business Apps that do require installation, you (or your IT partner) will be sent instructions by e-mail immediately after your purchase.

As a company or billing administrator, you can update your Business App subscriptions at any time to change the number of licences or to upgrade or downgrade the app.

  1. Go to “My Business Apps” > click the cogwheel icon for the required app in the top right and then the option “Manage App”..
  2. Click the “Update Subscription” tab.
  3. Change the required number of licences or adjust the Business App version.
  4. Click “Continue”.
  5. The subsequent steps are the same as when ordering an app.

The change takes immediate effect.

As a company or billing administrator, you can give Business App authorisation to employees as follows:

  1. Go to “My Business Apps” > click the cogwheel icon for the required app in the top right and then the option “Assign Users”.
  2. Make sure you still have enough licences for the business app concerned. You may need to upgrade to a higher version or withdraw an employee's authorisation to use a Business App subscription.
  3. Select the checkbox next to the name of the person who is to be given access to the web-based application.
  4. Click on “Save Changes”.


The costs for using the Business Apps are shown on your monthly or annual Swisscom bill or your credit card statement, depending on your chosen payment type. If a subscription is activated or updated in the middle of the month, billing will be on a pro rata basis. You therefore only pay for the days you actually use.

As a company or billing administrator, you can change your billing address and payment type as follows:

  1. Select the tab “Manage” > “My Company”.
  2. Go to “Billing”.
  3. Select “Billing Info” on the left.
  4. Make the required changes.
  5. Click “Save”.

These changes will remain in place for all subsequent purchases from the Marketplace.

As a company or billing administrator, you can view your bills as follows:

  1. Select the tab “Manage” > “My Company”.
  2. Go to “Billing”.
  3. Click “Bills”.
  4. You will now see your bill details and the number of licences for your Business Apps.

If you have questions about your bill, contact us here.


If you are not an administrator, please contact your company administrator for support.

Company or billing administrators will find help at the following links:

Enterprise customers with a Microsoft product:

If you are an SME customer and you experience any faults, have any questions about your bill and for any other matters, please call us at 0800 055 055.

Do you have any more questions about the Business Apps? Visit the Swisscom Community(opens in new tab). Other customers may have experienced the same problem, or it may even have been resolved.

Frequently asked questions

As the billing or company administrator, you can cancel the subscription for an app at any time. Payments already made will not be refunded.

  1. Go to “My Business Apps” and click the cogwheel > “Manage App” for the web-based application in question.
  2. Click “Cancel subscription”.
  3. Select the required date under “Request Date of Cancellation” and click “Continue”.
  4. You will be asked if you have backed up all data and if you really want to cancel the subscription on the requested date. Click “Yes” to confirm..
  5. The cancellation is complete, please note the status messages that are displayed.

The corresponding subscription is no longer usable once it has been cancelled.

After cancelling a subscription, you have the option of withdrawing your cancellation. If you opted to cancel immediately, you must complete your withdrawal immediately. If the cancellation date is in the future, you can withdraw it at any time before the cancellation date.

  1. Go to “My Business Apps” and click the cogwheel for the web-based application in question > “Manage App”..
  2. Select the required app subscription and click “Manage” > “Withdraw Cancellation”.

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