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Help for Swisscom Marketplace

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Using Business Apps in the Marketplace, adjusting billing, updating apps and finding answers to frequently asked questions. 

What is Swisscom Marketplace?

Swisscom Marketplace has a range of useful Business Apps to support you in your work. These include Business IT Services, Microsoft Office 365, Webhosting and the HomepageTool, for example.


The Business Apps are specially selected, tested and supported by Swisscom. Support is available from the app developer, partner or Swisscom.


The cloud-based software keeps the apps up to date and maintenance-free at all times.


Login & Marketplace account

To order web-based applications as a Swisscom customer, you will need a Swisscom Login and Marketplace account.


> Guest login

How do I log into the Marketplace as a Swisscom customer?

How can I add my employees to the Marketplace?

Ordering and using apps

How do I order a Business App?

How do I use the Business Apps that I have ordered?

How do I upgrade or update my Business App subscriptions?

How can I give a user authorisation to use a Business App?


The costs for using the Business Apps are shown on your monthly or annual Swisscom bill or your credit card statement, depending on your chosen payment type. If a subscription is activated or updated in the middle of the month, billing will be on a pro rata basis. You therefore only pay for the days you actually use.

How do I change my billing address or payment type?

How do I view my Marketplace bill?

Who do I contact if I have questions about the bill?


If you are not an administrator, please contact your company administrator for support.


Company or billing administrators will find help at the following links:

Enterprise customers with a Microsoft product:

SME customers with one of the following request:

> Microsoft Office 365
> Webhosting
> HomepageTool
> Domain Service


If you are an SME customer and you experience any faults, have any questions about your bill and for any other matters, please call us at 0800 055 055.


Do you have any more questions about the Business Apps? Visit the Swisscom Community. Other customers may have experienced the same problem, or it may even have been resolved.

Frequently asked questions

How do I cancel a Business App?

How do I withdraw cancellation of my subscription for an app?


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