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Universal service provision: landline telephony and Internet for every Swiss household

Universal service ensures that the whole of Switzerland has access to the fixed-telephone network and Internet (TV is not included in universal service). Swisscom provides all households upon request with fixed-line access and Internet access with a free router. Find out more about our services and options: 

Our universal supply offerings

Combination offers

Universal service via a satellite solution

Remote locations that are not covered by the Swisscom network can be given a satellite connection to use landline telephony and the Internet. The necessary equipment is provided and installed by Swisscom.

Alternative connection via the mobile network

Instead of a universal service connection with satellite solution, the mobile network can be used to offer an alternative solution. An antenna, which is installed outdoors at the location with the best reception, provides high-speed Internet with the best possible transmission rate. The transmission rate may differ from the minimum transmission rates required in the universal service and depends on the mobile signal on site. There is no entitlement to minimum bandwidths.

Frequently asked questions

In areas where there is still no high bandwidth coverage in 2024, customers can choose between a minimum bandwidth of 10 and 80 Mbit/s. The connection will not necessarily be wired (e.g. via fibre optics). For topographical and economic reasons, it may be assumed that a large proportion of the connections provided as part of the universal service will be via wireless technologies (via satellite). If the location is already covered by a third-party provider with high bandwidth and this provider offers a comparable service, Swisscom may dispense with its universal service offering. Furthermore, the price for the โ€œSwisscom Line basic & Internet basicโ€ combined offering will be reduced to CHF 54.05/mth from the current CHF 59.25/mth. This price reduction will be applied automatically for all existing customers from 1/1/2024.

Swisscom makes the regulated universal service offerings available to any residential or business premises in Switzerland at the explicit request of the customer. Any individual customer (i.e. not the building owner) who wishes to conclude a service contract with Swisscom is eligible.

Yes, in principle every customer is entitled to a universal service offering with a minimum bandwidth of 10 or 80 Mbit/s in their home or business premises. However, Swisscom may offer them an (additional) connection via satellite if a wired connection is not possible for technical or commercial reasons.

No, a commercial blue Internet subscription is required for this. The TV service is not part of the universal service offerings (only Internet access and telephone services are covered).

No. To enjoy the blue Benefit, you will need a commercial blue Internet subscription.

The obligations arising from the universal service provision will also be fulfilled based on demand under the new universal service concession. It is therefore generally the customerโ€™s responsibility to actively make a corresponding claim to Swisscom if required. For economic reasons, Swisscom will only be able to roll out a large proportion of the connections with the aid of satellite links. Swisscom will use the mobile network as part of an optional alternative offering that is outside the scope of the universal service. Where technically possible, customers with a DSL connection will also be able to use the 5G Internet-Booster to obtain additional bandwidth via the mobile network. Find out about the 5G Internet-Booster

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Best broadband network

Award for the best 10 Gbit/s fibre optic network in Switzerland.


All subscriptions purchased from Swisscom are climate-neutral โ€“ at no extra cost to you.