The network for Switzerland

It’s nothing new: the Swisscom mobile network is Switzerland’s best network. Alongside the highspeed fibre-optic network, it is essential for Switzerland. More than fast. There for us all. Sustainable and secure. Ready for anything. That’s what we work on. Every day.

For you, when you are always there for others.

99.9% network coverage in Switzerland.

Every year, Swisscom invests around 1.6 billion Swiss francs in network expansion. We update our network in more than 300 communities every year. By 2021, Swisscom aims to modernise the broadband fixed network in all Swiss communities. The mobile network is being continuously optimised at the same time. This investment provides more than 100,000 jobs in Switzerland.

Mobile coverage

Find out which mobile technologies are available where you are.

Optical fibre expansion network

Find out when fibre-optic technology is coming to your community.

For you, so you can achieve anything, anywhere.

Equal opportunities in the town and country.

We are expanding our network in the city, in the countryside and everywhere in between to give every individual and company in Switzerland the same opportunities. With the latest, best and most efficient technologies. Like 5G.

5G for Switzerland

5G makes Switzerland's best network faster, more reliable and more efficient. Which opens up new opportunities.

Bye bye 2G

By the end of 2020, we will be replacing the old second mobile generation, 2G, with more modern technologies.

For you, who need the network in emergencies.

Guaranteed availability for the emergency services in the 5G network.

With a lot of people – and their smartphones – in a confined space, the network can reach its limits. Each day, more than 10,000 emergency calls are prioritised on the Swisscom network, to make sure that the police and rescue services can always be reached. A part of the new 5G network will be permanently reserved for the emergency service organisations, guaranteeing network availability at all times.

For you, when you want an environmentally friendly online presence too.

Swisscom network, operated with 100% renewable energy.

Streaming, surfing, chatting – all our online activities need power. In increasing amounts. Which makes it all the more important that our energy comes from renewable sources. At Swisscom, we’ve been using 100% renewable energy for over ten years. In other areas, too, our efforts to ensure the sustainable use of valuable resources are bearing fruit.

Carbon-neutral network

The Swisscom network and all of its data centres are powered entirely using energy from renewable sources: solar, wind and hydro power.

Energy-saving TV

Swisscom TV-Boxes impress with outstanding performance and extremely modest energy consumption.

For you, as you start to shape the future today.

Free Internet for all schools.

As part of our “Schools on the Net” project we offer all schools in Switzerland a free Internet connection and various services. We hold media courses and provide educational material to raise awareness about the responsible use of digital media.

Courses and materials

We hold media courses and provide educational material for schools to raise awareness about the responsible use of digital media.

Internet & services

Since 2002, more than 6,000 schools have benefited from a free Internet connection and a wide range of services.