On the best network for Switzerland.

It’s nothing new: the Swisscom mobile network is Switzerland’s best network. Alongside the highspeed fibre-optic network, it is essential for Switzerland. More than fast. There for us all. Sustainable and secure. Ready for anything. That’s what we work on. Every day.

The Swiss network, an investment in the future.

99.9% network coverage in Switzerland.

Every year, Swisscom invests around CHF 1.6 billion in the expansion of the fixed and mobile network. By 2021, Swisscom aims to modernise the broadband fixed network in all Swiss communities. The mobile network is being continuously optimised at the same time. This investment alone provides more than 100,000 jobs in Switzerland.

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The Swiss network for everyone

Equal opportunities in the town and country.

Swisscom provides new opportunities for all people and companies in Switzerland. To provide these opportunities, the network is constantly being expanded in the city, in the countryside and everywhere in between. With the latest, best and most efficient technologies.

Municipalities and Swisscom

5G for Switzerland

Better with 5G

5G makes Switzerland's best network faster, more reliable and more efficient. Which opens up new opportunities.

5G mobile network

The Swiss network, especially for rescue services.

Each day, more than 10,000 emergency calls to the police and rescue services are prioritised on the Swisscom network. This means calls can get through even if network availability is limited – for example if a lot of people are using their smartphones at the same time in the same area. In fact, part of the new 5G network is permanently reserved for emergency service organisations.

Swisscom network, operated with 100% renewable energy.

The constantly increasing number of streaming, surfing and chatting services means more and more power is needed. Which makes it all the better that Swisscom’s energy comes from 100% renewable sources – and has done so for over ten years! In other areas, too, Swisscom’s efforts to ensure the sustainable use of valuable resources are bearing fruit.


Free Internet for all schools..

As part of the “Schools on the Net” project, Swisscom offers all schools in Switzerland a free internet connection along with a range of services, such as educational material on the responsible use of digital media, for example.

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