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Cancelling or on hold

Cancelling or putting services on hold

Cancelling or putting services on hold

If you go abroad for a longer period you can put certain Swisscom products on hold for a specific period (temporary suspension) instead of cancelling them. During this time, you won’t have to pay a monthly subscription fee, and you can keep your usual number once you reactivate your subscription.

If your stay abroad lasts longer than the period for which a product can be suspended, we recommend that you cancel the relevant product.


Will you be abroad for just a short time?

Tips for shorter trips abroad

You can put your subscription on hold easy online in the Customer Center for 2-12 months
(so-called temporary disconnection):


  • If you are away from more than 12 months we recommend that you cancel your subscription. Any fees (in case you cancel your contract before the minimum contract period has expired) will be billed and itemised automatically during the cancellation process.
  • During the minimum contractual term only temporary suspension is possible
  • The minimum contractual term is extended by the number of suspension months, i.e. added on at the end
  • A one-time charge of CHF 25.- for the temporary suspension is charged at the time of disconnection.
  • DSL and NATEL®Pro subscriptions cannot be put on hold.

On expiry of the minimum contractual term you can change to a lower cost subscription as an alternative to temporary suspension.

Log in to the Customer centre


Temporary suspension of your mobile subscription is not possible while a device instalment plan is active. Should you wish to temporarily suspend your mobile contract in spite of this, you first need to bring the device instalment plan to an end. This is possible at any time in the My Swisscom App or Customer Center. Alternatively you can request ending of the instalment plan over the hotline or in the Shop. This cannot be rescinded at a later date. The remaining repayments are charged to the mobile phone bill.


Contact us to cancel your Mobile subscription.

Products of fixed network telephony cannot be temporarily suspended. Find out about lower-cost fixed network products here.

Contact us to cancel your fixed network connection.

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