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Cancelling or putting services on hold

Cancelling or putting services on hold

Cancel subscription

Contact us if you would like to cancel your mobile subscription, fixed network, TV or Internet services.

Note: You can also put your mobile contract on hold. Instead of cancelling your contract and losing your mobile number, you can put your contract on hold for up to 12 months. You can then reactivate the subscription and use the same telephone number again.

Keep your Bluewin e-mail address

If you cancel your subscription, you can keep your private Bluewin e-mail address if you request it.

Suspending mobile subscriptions

If you don’t need your mobile subscription for a while, for instance if you plan to go abroad for a lengthy stay, you can put your contract on hold. The suspension period can be between two and 12 months. You won't be charged any monthly fees during this period. After reactivation you can use the same telephone number again.


You can easily set up temporary subscription suspension in the Customer Center.


  • You cannot put your mobile subscription on hold if you are still paying mobile phone instalments. If you still wish to put your contract on hold, you need to settle any outstanding device instalments in the Customer Center first.
  • You can only put your subscription on hold once during the minimum contractual term.

You cannot put fixed network, TV and Internet subscriptions on hold; the option is not available for DSL and Natel®Pro either. However, you can deactivate specific services in your inOne Home, such as telephony or Swisscom TV.

Cost and time period

  • A one-off fee of CHF 25.– is charged for suspension.
  • You do not pay any monthly subscription fees during suspension.
  • The minimum contract period is extended by the respective number of months.
  • On expiry of the minimum contractual term, you can change to a lower cost subscription or Prepaid as an alternative to temporary suspension. Please note, however, that you must make one call a year for Prepaid.



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