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For business customers: Swisscom bill with QR code

Swiss payment transactions are being modernised. By the end of September 2022, all paying-in slips will be replaced by the new QR paying-in slip.

Between 1 October 2021 and spring 2022, Swisscom will be implementing a gradual changeover to the new QR paying-in slip. During the transition phase, you may receive your Swisscom bill with both the new QR paying-in slip and the previous orange paying-in slip. 

View bill online

You can view paid, pending and overdue bills in My Swisscom Business (Business Center).

Paying bills

You will not notice any significant changes as a result of the new QR paying-in slip. The new QR paying-in slip can still be used to make payments in the usual ways via online banking or in person at a post office or Multimat (Bancomat with option to pay in).

Please note that the standard charge of CHF 3.50, including VAT, also applies for payments made at the post office counter with the QR paying-in slip.

E-invoicing, eBill and direct debits will continue to function as normal, even after introduction of the QR paying-in slip. You may need to adapt existing payment templates or the master data in your accounts payable software.

Example QR bill

Please note that the QR code used in this example bill cannot be scanned. 

  1. Receipt
  2. Payment part
  3. QR code
  4. Swisscom’s QR IBAN
  5. Equivalent to the reference on the previous orange paying-in slip.
  6. Information such as bill number, bill date etc. (depending on the product being billed).

FAQ QR bill

The QR code contains all relevant information about the bill, including payee, payer, bill amount, currency etc.

All of the information contained in the QR code is printed clearly on the paying-in slip.

The new QR bill aims to standardise payment transactions in Switzerland to reduce administrative effort and simplify processes for the biller and the recipient. 

Since June 2020, it has been a mandatory requirement for companies to be able to process QR bills. By the end of September 2022, all billers must have changed over to the new QR bill. 

From 1 October 2022, it will not be possible to pay bills using the current red and orange paying-in slips.

On the QR paying-in slip, the account number (as shown on the orange paying-in slip) has been replaced by the QR IBAN, which contains all important payee account information.

Swisscom will use the following QR IBANs:
Telecommunications and device bills will have the QR IBAN CH32 3000 0001 8769 3077 7
Bills for IT solutions business will have the QR IBAN CH84 3000 0002 8769 3077 7

You may have to adjust existing payment templates, standing orders or the master data in your accounts payable software.For standing orders, the ISR subscriber no. (account number on the orange payment slip) must be replaced by the QR IBAN.

Please check with the document reader manufacturer.

No. Swisscom is unable to provide sample bills.

  • Simplified bill processing and fewer data errors
  • All payment details are digitally incorporated within the QR code 
  • Saves time and money because less manual effort is required  
  • Supports digital payments, postal payments and payments at the post office

Any questions?

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