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We are continuously expanding the fibre-optic network and improving Internet speeds. Check what speed is available where you are.

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If there is no information on optical fibre in the search results, then no expansion is currently planned near you. You’ll be able to see when optical fibre expansion is planned for your area in My Swisscom or on the network expansion map.

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Requirements for optical fibre

The new optical fibre technology (Fibre to the Home FTTH) enables you to enjoy Internet speeds of up to 10 Gbit/s. Prerequisites are as follows:

  • Optical fibre must be available in your area.
  • You must have a blue Internet L or an inOne SME Business Internet L subscription.
  • You must use an Internet-Box 3 or Internet-Box 4.
  • The fibre-optic module is connected to the Internet-Box 3.

Optical fibre expansion schedule

We are not able to give you a specific date for when the optical fibre network will be completed in your area. Technical difficulties and objections from local authorities or property owners can lead to delays at any time. The completion date can only be estimated more accurately as construction progresses.


The My Swisscom app shows you the current performance speed and gives you practical tips for increasing it.

Measure Internet speed(opens in new tab)

Please follow these steps if you want to use a browser-based speed test such as cnlab Speedtest(opens in new tab).

Even with the best Internet subscription, you can only surf with your smartphone, tablet or computer as fast as your device and home network allow.

  • Connection between device and Internet-Box: The performance is only as good as the performance of the end device. An older computer, for example, which is correctly connected to the Internet-Box via an Ethernet cable, will only transfer as much data as the computer’s Ethernet connection allows, even with a 10 Gbit/s subscription. You can improve the connection if you use a modern CAT 6 cable, switches or WLAN boxes.
  • Connection between Internet-Box and website: The Internet speed depends on the performance of the network and the target page accessed. For example, if you download a file from your cloud, the download will only be as fast as the provider allows. If a maximum bandwidth of 10 Mbit/s is available, the perceived performance will be 10 Mbit/s – even if your line could reach higher speeds.

15% of the bandwidth is reserved to ensure the quality of the transmission. This means that the maximum usable speed for all devices in the home network together (including WLAN) is 8 Gbit/s.

The maximum speed that you can measure using an external speed test:

  • Internet-Box 3 (connected with Ethernet cable to the 2.5 Gbit/s port): 2.3 Gbit/s 
  • Internet-Box 4 (connected with Ethernet CAT 6a cable to the 10 Gbit/s port): 8 Gbit/s. When uploading and downloading simultaneously, the speed may be limited to 6 Gbit/s.

If your home is connected to the fibre-optic network, you will usually also have a fibre-optic socket. You will find it in the living room or hallway. The fibre-optic socket will show the OTO number or OTO ID – a sequence of numbers and letters for identification.

Router setup instructions

Socket Fibre

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