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Smart Switch

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Use your socket intelligently by installing the Smart Switch and controlling devices with the Home app. Find out all you need to know about setup and operation.

Device and ports

Click the blue plus icon to find out more about the ports, button and LED on your Smart Switch.


Installing the Smart Switch

  1. Plug the Smart Switch into a socket. It will remain in pairing mode for the next two minutes (LED flashes white).
  2. Open the Swisscom Home app on your smartphone.
  3. Select “Smart Home” in the app.
  4. Select the function “Add device”.
  5. Search the list for “Swisscom Smart Switch” to add the device.
  6. If the LED flashes red, the Home app will prompt you to press the key on the Smart Switch for 5 seconds. This activates the pairing mode again.

Switching the Smart Switch off/on

On the device

Press the button on the Smart Switch once briefly.

In the app

Open the Swisscom Home app and tap the “Swisscom Smart Switch” tile under “Smart Home”. 


Open the Swisscom Home app and select “Smart Home” > “Rule” > “Create new rule”. You can select different rules here, such as “at a certain time” or “come home”.


How can I switch off the white LED?

How can I activate the developer mode to control the Smart Switch e.g. via REST API?



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