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Use your socket intelligently by installing the Smart Switch and controlling connected devices via myStrom App.

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Discover tips and other accessories to make your Swisscom devices, such as the WLAN or TV-Box, more energy efficient.

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Lights up white: The Smart Switch is switched on and in use.

Not lit/blinking: The Smart Switch is off.

Flashes red: The Smart switch is not connected to the WLAN. Check your WLAN.

If your switch is already connected, you can add it in the myStrom App(opens in new tab). If you have not yet connected your switch, you must first connect it to the Internet-Box. The LED of the Smart Switch shows a steady white light if the connection is successful. If not, press and hold the button on the switch for five seconds until the LED flashes white. Now also press the + button on the Internet-Box or WLAN-Box, depending on which device is closer to the Smart Switch. Wait for 2 minutes. The Internet-Box now connects and checks whether your switch needs an update, and installs it automatically if necessary. You can then add your switch in the app. 

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