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Unwanted change of provider

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Check the provider of your fixed network connection and deal with an unwanted change of provider. 

Check your connection

You can choose the provider you use for making calls on your analogue fixed network connection. This is separate from your telephone line provider. This means that the line can still be billed through Swisscom but your calls are made through another (unwanted) provider. Unfortunately, there has been a recent escalation in aggressive methods to sign up new customers (such as cold calling). but you can respond to this proactively.


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You can call the freephone number 0868 868 868 any time to check the provider for your connection.

Proceed as follows

If your connection is not with the provider you want, proceed as follows:



  1. Check if you have signed a contract without realising that this contract ties you to a new provider for a certain period.
  2. Request a copy of the written contract in writing within working 10 days, as well as the recording of the conversation (if you agreed the contract by telephone).
  3. If you do not receive these documents within 10 working days, the provider must restore the original preselection on your connection. If the provider refuses, you can report the matter to OFCOM in writing to start legal measures against the provider.
  4. Even if the provider can provide valid documentation, you can still cancel the contract in writing. You need to adhere to the notice period in this instance. Don’t forget to submit a new preselection application to a provider of your choice, even if this is Swisscom. Otherwise you run the risk of having no telephone connection when the cancelled preselection contract runs out.
  5. If you cannot reach agreement with the provider, you can contact the ombudscom foundation (arbitration board for telecommunications).
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  6. You can also deal with the issue through the legal system where you live. The same applies for any infringements of the legal regulations relating to unfair competition (improper marketing, misleading advertising etc.) Seek legal advice for this.