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Surf the best network in Switzerland from 39.90/mth.

Surf the best network in Switzerland from 39.90/mth.

Order online for exclusive benefits:

  • Simply Digital: 10.–/mth discount
  • Free activation worth 59.90

Benefit with a new blue Mobile subscriptions 


For example with blue Mobile M: 

  • Unlimited surfing within Switzerland or the EU/UK 
  • Unlimited calls within Switzerland or EU/UK 
  • Giga Speed: up to 1 Gbit/s with 5G 

 ​All Swisscom subscriptions are climate neutral

Save on your Mobile subscription

Combine Mobile and Internet subscriptions and save 20.– per month

With blue Mobile and blue Internet, benefit from a 20.– discount on your Mobile subscription.

The rest of the household save 30.– per month

Up to 4 further people in the same household each benefit from a 30.– discount on their Mobile subscription.

Exclusive online discount

Simply Digital – life-long discount for anyone who goes digital

Save every month

With Simply Digital, you save 10.– each month on every Mobile and Internet subscription – for the rest of your life.

Always report enquiries online first

Always report enquiries online first in the My Swisscom app or at Whether your enquiry concerns existing products, bills or other issues, don’t start by contacting our hotline or in-store advisors.

Your first port of call – the digital assistant

Our digital assistant Sam will respond to all your enquiries at any time over chat. If Sam is ever unable to assist, you can access Swisscom Support via chat, on the hotline or at a Swisscom Shop.

What you need to know about the offers

Exclusive online:  

  • Free activation worth 59.90. 
  • Simply Digital (10.–/mth discount) is not available on contracts signed in the Swisscom Shop or via the hotline. The benefit can be activated later online in My Swisscom.

Sign up to a new blue Mobile 24-month subscription and enjoy:   

Including blue Benefit and Simply Digital benefit 

  • blue Mobile M 6 months for 39.90/mth, at the end of the promotion period, you will pay just 49.90/mth for life
  • blue Mobile L 6 months for 39.90/mth, at the end of the promotion period, you will pay just 69.90/mth for life
  • Valid in combination with a Swisscom Internet subscription (also when taking out a new combined Internet and mobile subscription)

Including Simply Digital benefit

  • blue Mobile M 6 months for 59.90/mth, at the end of the promotion period, you will pay just 69.90/mth
  • blue Mobile L 6 months for 59.90/mth, at the end of the promotion period, you will pay just 89.90/mth
  • With no Swisscom Internet subscription 
  • Exclusive online offer: Simply Digital is not available on contracts signed in the Swisscom Shop or via the hotline. The benefit can be activated later online in My Swisscom.
  • With Simply Digital, you access customer support exclusively via the My Swisscom app or the web-based version. If you submit your request to the hotline or a Shop, you will be referred to your chosen support channel. 
  • If you repeatedly contact us via a support channel that is not included, the option may be deactivated immediately. You settle your bill using digital payment methods (eBill, TWINT, etc.). Simply Digital can be activated or deactivated at the end of each calendar month. 
By activating the Simply Digital benefit, you save 10.– on your mobile subscription every month.  If you are already an Internet customer, you can also take advantage of the blue Benefit: 
  • 1st mobile subscription in household: thanks to the blue Benefit, you receive an additional 20.–/mth off your mobile subscription.  
  • 2nd to 5th mobile subscription in household: add the mobile subscription to your blue Benefit and enjoy a 30.–/mth discount on the mobile subscription.  

Offer only applies for new blue Mobile subscriptions. However, if you already have an existing Mobile subscription, there are still attractive benefits to be had:

Do you have an inOne mobile go subscription?
Your subscription has been changed automatically to the new blue Mobile M – you are now enjoying faster speeds. Find out more about the new Mobile subscriptions here.

Do you already have Swisscom Internet at home?
Save 20.–/mth on your Mobile subscription with blue Benefit.

Save when you renew your mobile subscription
If you extend your mobile subscription, you’ll have access to some attractive discounts on a new smartphone.

  • Climate-neutral subscriptions require a climate-neutral network (mobile and fixed-telephone network) and climate-neutral devices (Internet boxes, TV boxes, WLAN boxes and smartphones).  
  • The Swisscom network is climate-neutral: Swisscom has been operating its entire network with 100% renewable energy for over 10 years and generates some of the electricity it consumes itself thanks to its 87 photovoltaic plants. By continuously modernising the technology and increasing energy efficiency, we have also been able to reduce CO2 emissions from operations by over 80% since 1990. All these measures result in fewer CO2 emissions. We offset all residual CO2 emissions that we cannot reduce ourselves.  
  • Devices are climate-neutral: Swisscom’s own products such as Internet and TV boxes have been climate-neutral since 2020. This is due to more efficient production and optimised packaging. We do not produce smartphones ourselves, but we fully offset the CO2 emissions generated during production, transport and use on behalf of our customers. Offsetting means that CO2 emissions are prevented or removed from the atmosphere by investing in climate protection projects to reduce an equivalent quantity of emissions elsewhere. Swisscom supports various recognised climate protection projects. 
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Best mobile network

Award for the best 5G network in Switzerland.


All subscriptions purchased from Swisscom are climate-neutral – at no extra cost to you.