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Ports, settings and technical information about your WLAN-Box. 

Device and ports

Swisscom’s WLAN-Box is a home network accessory for your Internet-Box 2 that increases the range of your existing WLAN network.

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Technical information


Steering ensures that your devices (e.g. smart phone or tablets) are automatically connected to the best WLAN network to achieve maximum speed. Besides the 2.4 GHz standard band, with which every WLAN device is compatible, the WLAN-Box also has the 5 GHz band.


Depending on its position, the WLAN device connects to the Internet-Box or WLAN-Box without interrupting Internet access. If a device does not connect at any time, briefly switch the device’s WLAN off and on again (e.g. in airplane mode).It will then reconnect to the best WLAN.

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Change settings

You can easily manage your WLAN-Box settings via the web portal. You can change your WLAN access data, configure Parental Controls and access an overview of all connected devices.

On computers

Enter http://internetbox.home or in your Internet browser. Note that you have access only if you are connected to your Internet Box within the network. Log in with your existing admin password. If you do not know the password, click on "Set new password" to create a new password.

On smartphones

You can access and change your main settings at home on your smartphone via the Home app.

Saving and restoring configurations

Once you have set it up, save your Internet-Box configuration. This lets you restore preferred settings after replacing a device, for instance. To do so, go to the web portal > Internet-Box > Save configuration.

Energy consumption

Current power consumption

Status WLAN-Box (WLAN backbone) WLAN-Box (Ethernet backbone)
IDLE (CoC) 5.6 W (5.8 W) 5.6 W (5.8 W)
Regular use*
6.5 W (6.5W) 6.4 W (6.5W)

Definition of "regular use"

  • WLAN-Box is connected to the IB2 (WLAN or Ethernet backbone)
  • 1 x 2.4 GHz PC (2 x 2 MIMO) streams a Swisscom TV air TV channel. 10 metre distance
  • 1 x 5 GHz PC (3 x 3 MIMO) streams a Swisscom TV air TV channel. 10 metre distance

Definition of "IDLE" according to CoC:

  • WLAN-Box is connected to the IB2 (WLAN or Ethernet backbone)
  • No WLAN client connected

Definition of "OFF"

  • Network device connected to WLAN-Box
  • Main switch on WLAN-Box is set to OFF

The 2018 target values comply with the Code of Conduct (CoC).

Frequently asked questions

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