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Design your own professional website with the HomepageTool. Find answers to frequently asked questions here.

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Use Swisscom’s HomepageTool to create your own website:

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If you already have the HomepageTool, visit and enter your Swisscom Login to launch the HomepageTool.

Web hosting

To create your own website you need web storage space for your website content. We recommend Swisscom web hosting in this case.


> Web hosting help

Use the HomepageTool

Change the design, set notifications, edit pictures: the HomepageTool provides a range of different options. Find out how to get the most out of the HomepageTool.


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Create a backup

To create a backup, proceed as follows:


  1. Open the HomepageTool and click on “Settings” on the left-hand side.
  2. Once the “General” menu has opened, scroll right to the bottom and click on the button “Backup and recovery”.
  3. You can create a new backup here or recover an old version.

Frequently asked questions

How do I access my Webmail?

How do I set up my e-mail address to receive e-mails on my smartphone or tablet?

How do I upgrade my HomepageTool test version to a full version?

What are the implications of the GDPR and why is it important for my website?

What can I do if my service has been blocked?

What is a site notice?

Can I cancel my HomepageTool, but keep my domain?

How do I upgrade or downgrade my Homepage Tool?

Do you need help to edit the content?

You will see a help section in the top right of the HomepageTool with useful tips on how to use the HomepageTool. Check out our video tutorials or articles in the Swisscom Community for more guidance on designing your website.

Video tutorials

Setting up an e-mail address


Add Online Shop 


Search Engine Optimization



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Technical support

Do you need technical support for the Homepagetool/Webhosting or do you want to report a problem? Please send us your request via the form.