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Web hosting

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Rent storage space for your website and e-mails. Find answers to frequently asked questions here.

Web hosting from Swisscom

If you want to create your own website, you will need storage space for your website content. Web hosting from Swisscom gives you the option of storing your website data and e-mails securely in our Swiss data centre.

Websites created with the HomepageTool cannot be switched to another hosting provider.

Your website with HomepageTool

Easily create your own website with our HomepageTool.


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Own website

Transfer content

Content cannot be transferred automatically if you wish to edit your existing website using the Swisscom HomepageTool. However, you can use the copy and paste function to move it to the HomepageTool quickly and easily.

Backing up your hosting environment

To recover a full back-up of your hosting environment or if you require any other technical support, please contact our Support team. Please note: There may be a charge for this service.

Want to stop managing your own website?

localsearch a Swisscom subsidiary, specialises in creating and running sophisticated websites. They would be happy to manage your website and hosting for you in the future. If you have created a website with the HomepageTool, you can enjoy this service at a reduced price.

Manage your domain

When you have your own Internet address, managing your domain is an important task. Find out what to look out for.


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Frequently asked questions

How do I set up my e-mail address to receive e-mails on my smartphone or tablet?

How do I cancel my web hosting? Can I keep my domain?

How do I upgrade or downgrade my web hosting product?

Why do I need an SSL certificate?

How do I activate my own SSL certificate?

How do I activate HTTPS for my website?

How do I configure an https redirect using .htaccess?


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Technical support

Do you need technical support for the Homepagetool/Webhosting or do you want to report a problem? Please send us your request via the form.