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Zermatt HD-Phone

On this page:
Install your Zermatt HD-Phone, change the battery, activate the crown button and set up additional functions.

Installation & keypad overview

Find out everything you need to know about the operation and functions of this HD phone.
The Zermatt HD-Phone only works in conjunction with the Swisscom Internet-Box on a fixed network connection (IP).

Festnetztelefon Zermatt



Making calls

Managing calls

Replacing the battery

  1. Pick up the telephone. Press hard on the cover with both thumbs and push it away from you at the same time.
  2. Replace the batteries. Only use AAA NiMH-930 mAh batteries.
  3. Replace the cover on the telephone and close the battery compartment by pushing the cover back until it snaps into place (clicks).

Crown button

The crown button can be assigned a function of your choice. The following options are available:

  • Display missed calls
  • Make an internal call
  • Select a saved number using the direct call function
  • Add the last number to the blacklist
  • Block incoming calls
  • Block anonymous calls
  • Forward calls
  • Withhold your number

How to activate the crown button: On your handset press Menu > Settings > Configure crown button and select the function of your choice.


Please note: If you block incoming calls via the crown button you can only reverse this setting on My Swisscom (Customer Center).


Video instructions for the crown button.


More functions

Change ringtone

Short dialling

Clock and alarm


Night mode