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Here you will find all the ports and buttons on the WLAN-Box 3, installation instructions and technical information, and how to change the settings.

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Download the instruction PDF to get more information about the connections and buttons of the WLAN-Box 3.

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App instructions

The My Swisscom App will guide you through a step-by-step setup process for your device.

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App instructions

The My Swisscom App will guide you through a step-by-step setup process for your device.

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On the Internet-Box Web portal, you can change your WLAN access data, set up the parental control function (specify surf times and time limits) or see all connected devices.

On computers

Enter http://internetbox.swisscom.ch(opens in new tab) or in new tab) in your Internet browser. Note that you have access only if you are connected to your Internet Box within the network. Log in with your existing admin password. If you do not know the password, click on "Set new password" to create a new password.

On smartphones

You can access and change your main settings at home on your smartphone via the My Swisscom App.

The WLAN-Box 3 is compatible with the Internet-Box 2 and all more recent models. The
Internet-Box plus and Internet-Box standard support the older WLAN standard (Wi-Fi 5) and are unable to reach the maximum WLAN speed of the WLAN-Box 3. In addition, these routers do not support the latest encryption standards, which can lead to incompatibilities with the
WLAN-Box 3 For these reasons, the Internet-Box plus and Internet-Box standard are not compatible with the WLAN-Box 3.

The new 6-GHz band of the WLAN-Box 3 requires WPA3 to be used as WLAN encryption. To ensure optimum WLAN-Box 3 function, WPA3 is also activated on the router during its installation. Some older devices, such as WLAN printers for example, do not support this new standard, however. These devices will therefore no longer connect to the WLAN. To connect your printer to the WLAN-Box 3, you should manually set the WLAN encryption back to WPA2. > Here’s how

For the new, interference-free 6 GHz WLAN band, the WLAN-Box 3 includes four more antennas than in the older WLAN-Box models. These take up additional space inside the device. The bigger size also has a positive impact on heat development within the casing.  

To be able to use the new 6 GHz band, the band must be activated on the WLAN-Box 3. To check this, visit the WLAN tab on the Web portal, which will show you whether or not you have WLAN or the 6 GHz band activated. The device to which the WLAN-Box 3 is connected must also support 6 GHz. These devices have the latest WLAN standard (WiFi 6E).

If you are using two WLAN-Box 3s, you can connect these to one another in a WLAN mesh network over the 6 GHz band. The resulting reduction in capacity usage of the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands also benefits devices that do not support the Wi-Fi 6E standard.

The WLAN-Box runs on low power (max. 1 watt) and therefore only emits very small amounts of radiation. It also complies with all relevant limits and guidelines.To minimise radiation, the WLAN-Box can also be switched off manually. In addition, the WLAN operating time settings from the Internet-Box are transferred automatically to the connected WLAN-Boxes.

Yes, the guest WLAN works in the Internet-Box WLAN and in the WLAN-Box reception range.

You have a number of options to prevent a Wi-Fi 6-enabled device from switching to Wi-Fi 5 within the range of an Internet-Box 2:

  • Use an Ethernet cable (WLAN access point) to connect the WLAN-Box 3 to the Internet-Box.
  • In the Web-Portal(opens in new tab) switch off WLAN synchronisation under “Synchronise WLAN status between the Internet-Box and WLAN-Box”.
  • Switch off the WLAN on the Internet-Box.

If the LED flashes red, it means that the WLAN-Box cannot connect to the Internet-Box. Either the WLAN-Box 3 is not paired or it is too far away from the Internet-Box. More information can be found in the instructions(opens in new tab) in the sections ‘What is pairing?’ and ‘WLAN-Box setup’.

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