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Find out more about the operation, keys and functions of the Vtech HD10 HD-Phone and how to set it up and use it. 

Device and buttons

Find out about the device and the HD-Phone buttons in the button overview. The Vtech HD10 HD-Phone only works in conjunction with the Swisscom Internet-Box on a fixed network connection (IP).

Internet Box Light

Set up and use

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Instructions, documents and firmware

In diesem Video zeigt Oliver, Trainer bei Swisscom Academy, den Lieferumfang der Internet-Box 4 und erklärt dir wie man diese Installiert.

Frequently asked questions

Before you press the + key (pairing key/connection key) on the Internet-Box (base station), start the automatic DECT registration process as follows:

  1. On your telephone, select:   Menu - Settings - Customise settings - Register - Log in 
  2. Now press the + key on the Internet-Box
  3. The two devices will show a successful connection on their displays.

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