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Details of all the settings and ports for the Internet-Box plus.

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Download the instruction PDF to get more information about the connections and buttons of the Internet-Box plus.

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You can easily manage your Internet-Box 3 settings via the web portal. You can change your WLAN access data, configure Parental Controls and access an overview of all connected devices.

On computers

Enter http://internetbox.home or in your Internet browser. Please note that you only have access when your home network is connected to your Internet-Box. Enter your existing admin login. If you don’t know the password, click “Create new password” to set up a new password.

On smartphones

You can access and change your main settings at home on your smartphone via the Home app.

Once you have set it up, save your Internet-Box configuration. This lets you restore preferred settings after replacing a device, for instance. To do so, go to the web portal > Internet-Box > Save configuration.

Want to view your WLAN and router password? Looking for the right login for your Bluewin Webmail, the Community or My Swisscom (Customer Center)? A login overview is available in the Community.

Swisscom Login overview

WLAN & router overview

Help from the Swisscom Community

Help from the Swisscom Community

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