Swisscom Box 21

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Information and instructions for installing the Swisscom Box (IP1800). Learn all about the connections and get more help.

Device and ports

Find out everything about the Swisscom Box 21 and its connections. Click on the blue plus signs in the image to get more information about the Swisscom Box 21 connections and buttons.

Swisscom Box - Vorderseite

Swisscom Box 21 - Rückseite

Set up and use

Help topics & tips Swisscom Box 21

Instructions and energy consumption

Instructions (PDF)

Declaration of Conformity (PDF)

Frequently asked questions

Which Internet router can I use with the Swisscom TV-Box?

Can I combine more than one Swisscom Box?

Can I also use blue TV without a TV-Box?

Do I have to return my old TV-Box?



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