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Information and instructions for installing the Swisscom Box (IP1800). Learn all about the connections and get more help.

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Device and ports

Download the instruction PDF to get more information about the connections and buttons of the Swisscom Box 21.

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Red light in the centre: TV is on standby
White light: TV is on

Red light to the right: the microphone is off
Green moving light: the box is listening
Blue moving light: the box is thinking
Flashing blue: the box is speaking
Turns white: the remote control is in use
Blue light pulsing outwards: you are pairing a Bluetooth device.
Blue light pulsing towards centre: Bluetooth device is disconnecting.

The TV-Boxes can be connected with all Swisscom routers. With one restriction: the Voice Assistant cannot be used with the Centro Business router.

Yes, each household can use up to 5 Swisscom TV-Boxes. You can use any TV-Boxes. However, please note the device restrictions.

Yes, you can also use Blue-TV without a Swisscom TV-Box. Find out more about using blue TV in the browser, via the app or with a third-party provider.

The TV-Box belongs to you and you are under no obligation to return it to Swisscom. However, if you no longer need the TV-Box, Swisscom can refurbish it and give it to another customer as a replacement device.

More information on returns

Help from the Swisscom Community

Help from the Swisscom Community

Couldn't find an answer? Ask the Swisscom Community. More than 10,000 active users are waiting to help you.