Swisscom to discontinue MMS service

Das Wichtigste in Kürze

Die Zahl der verschickten MMS hat in den letzten Jahren stark abgenommen. Da es heute viele Alternativen für Messenger-Dienste gibt, wird Swisscom (inkl. M-Budget, Wingo und Coop Mobile) den MMS-Dienst nicht mehr unterstützen. SMS-Nachrichten sind nicht betroffen. Sie können also weiterhin SMS empfangen und versenden.

In einem ersten Schritt wird per 31. März 2022 der MMS Viewer abgeschaltet. Ab Ende 2022 wird der MMS-Dienst final eingestellt. Betroffene Kund*innen werden via SMS informiert.

Key info in brief

With a host of alternative messenger services now available, Swisscom (including M-Budget, Wingo and Coop Mobile) has decided it has discontinued its MMS service on 10.1.2023.

This does not affect the SMS service. You will still be able to send and receive SMS messages as before.

MMS and SMS: The differences

SMS: Consist of text only and have a maximum of 160 characters.

MMS: Can contain images, videos, voice messages or mp3 files, documents, contacts, stickers or emojis. A text with more than 160 characters is also sent as an MMS (maximum 1,000 characters).

SMS MMS Vergleich

What does this mean for you?

MMS Viewer deactivation

MMS messages sent via MMS Viewer will not be delivered since April 2022. If the receiving mobile phone is not MMS-capable or Swisscom does not have a corresponding contract with its network operator (e.g. UPC or Lyca), you will need to switch to a messenger service.
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End of all MMS services

On 10.1.2023, Swisscom has discontinued all MMS services. From then on, Swisscom customers will be unable to send MMS messages. 

We recommend that you switch to a messenger service.
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MMS alternatives

With a smartphone, you have various options for sending messages, photos, videos or other files.

If you want to send messages by SMS after the MMS discontinuation, note that they should be short (160 characters or less) and must not contain special characters or emojis.

Switch on the integrated messenger function on your mobile phone. Your messages, pictures and other files will then be sent automatically via this function.

iMessage: only from iOS to iOS devices
Apple instructions(opens in new tab)

Message+: only from Android to Android devices
Google instructions(opens in new tab)

To send image messages from iOS to Android and vice versa, you need to use a messenger app.

Messenger apps enable you to chat and send files. You download the apps from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android phones) and register as instructed.The messenger app with the most users worldwide/in Switzerland is WhatsApp(opens in new tab). Because of its opaque privacy policy, we recommend these safer alternatives (according to Konsumentenschutz(opens in new tab) or SRF(opens in new tab)):

Threema(opens in new tab)
Signal(opens in new tab)
TeleGuard(opens in new tab)

Need help?

If you need support setting up and using messenger services, our employees, courses or the Swisscom Community can help.


With the advent of smartphones and messenger apps, MMS has become less and less important. Today, the majority of photos, videos and audio messages are sent via the services already integrated in the device, such as RCS (Android) or iMessage (iOS). Most customers also use messenger apps to communicate. The many alternatives to MMS and the sharp decline in usage figures have led Swisscom to discontinue the MMS service on 10.1.2023.

No, SMS is an important service and is expected to remain so far into the future. There are therefore no plans for Swisscom to discontinue this service. You will still be able to send and receive SMS messages as before.

The three mobile providers that run on the Swisscom network, Wingo, M-Budget and Coop Mobile, have also discontinued the MMS service on 10.1.2023.

The feature will be deactivated on Natel Go subscriptions and inOne SME mobile subscriptions; customers with the SMS/MMS Large Account, SMS/MMS Business Numbers and Mobile Voice Recording service are also affected by the MMS deactivation.

All business customers will be informed by Swisscom in writing (by e-mail or post) about the MMS discontinuation.