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Mobile ID in brief

Mobile ID in brief

Mobile ID in brief

With Mobile ID you can always log in to the portals of different companies, service providers and authorities in the same way.

Swisscom customers with a mobile subscription or a Swisscom prepaid rate, may use Mobile ID.

Mobile ID now supports all popular devices and mobile operating systems such as Apple iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone or Symbian. The key-data is secured on the SIM, so there is no problem if you want to change your device.



Mobile ID in brief

Mobile ID FAQ

What is Swisscom Mobile ID?

What do Swisscom charge me for Mobile ID?

Is Mobile ID secure?

Who knows my Mobile ID PIN?

Is there a PUK for the Mobile ID PIN?

Must I install any software on my mobile device?

What do I do if I have forgotten my Mobile ID PIN or if it is blocked?

Does Mobile ID work with all SIM?

Why do I have to activate my Mobile ID?

What personal information is held on my Mobile ID? Can a service provider see who I am?

Is Mobile ID also available abroad?

Does the use of Mobile ID abroad incur any charges?

How can a Mobile ID be transferred from an old mobile phone to a new one?

Does Mobile ID only work on Smartphones?

Why does my telephone display messages saying 'The SIM has sent an SMS?

Do you have a problem with Dual SIM adapters?

My phone displays the error message "SIM Error". What does this mean?

Does Mobile ID work with tablets?

Is Mobile ID also available with Salt and Sunrise?

The field for entering the mobile ID PIN code appears in the screen lock, but the key pad doesn't.

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